Artist Statement 

“It is necessary to recognise that reverie liberates any dreamer, man or woman, from the world of demands.” - Gaston Bachelard 


My work explores poetic reverie. I am fascinated by the idea of transporting the viewer into an imagined place which transcends the oppression of the modern world. Previous explorations have focused on film making, originating in sculptural forms which, through a process of translation, transform into dream- like images which flicker and dance, lulling the viewer into a trance-like state.  

Using immersive installations to explore my ideas, the work invites the viewer into deep contemplation, to experience the raw emotions associated with reverie. I use the language of immersive installation to create an imagined transcendence. The abstract and blurred quality of the films emphasises the intangible quality of reverie. 


In recent work printing techniques, drawings and P.V.A glue have dominated my explorations of conceptual ides. I deliberately use industrial and man-made materials as a commentary on the falseness of our environment.

I work with materials, like plastic, not ordinarily associated with contemplation, in a bid to transform their former use, following Gaston Bachelard’s insight, in The Poetics of Reverie, into the significance of the everyday environment in creating moments of reverie. I use them as a tool to investigate the difficulties in achieving reverie today. The oppression of the contemporary world forces us into escaping through what surrounds us, presenting us with an ironic paradox: the plastic and other materials allude to more beautiful spaces by transcending there former use but ultimately remain a man-made product. Re-filming and reimagine materials clarifies and makes my expression more concise: the material becomes abstract and detached from its former self. 


Suzi Gablik’s idea, in The Re-enchantment of Art, that we have lost enchantment with our planet is a key influence: cosmic mystery and a connection to our souls have been forgotten. Our society, ever more obsessed with consumerism, addictive systems, and our machine-powered lives, disenchant us, I think art must re-connect us with cosmic mystery. Feeling trapped by the city, I seek to explore reverie and question how we might find cosmic mystery in the industrial materials which surround us. 

Fascinated by the sublime Romantic landscapes of the past, but unable to experience these idealised places, I seek out moments of escape from the everyday. My work uses man-made materials, but it pines to become a sublime vision and acts as an ironic comment on how we can still find escape even in oppressive environments.